One of the elements I most appreciated about the EL course was its careful design – perhaps I would call this a scaffolding approach to education that allows the learning process to unfold in stages that promotes retention, reflection, and application. I also appreciated the seamless blending of theory and practice. So the course fully integrates and exemplifies the principles it teaches – an impressive achievement.

Grace Pollock, Ph.D. Research Support Facilitator, Faculty of Humanities, McMaster University

We achieved our productivity goal within two years, then, greatly exceeded it within four years. This outstanding performance could never have been achieved without the help of Pickard & Laws.

Rodney Butt, Former Director of Clinical Research, Boehringer Ingelheim Canad & Founder of Canadian Ethics Review Board

You have greatly inspired me to make positive changes in my life. The 3Cs of leadership (Charisma, Character and Confidence) you have taught me will forever be ingrained not just in my mind but in my heart.

Geoff Guinto, I.T. Department, Halton District School Board

Linda exemplifies devotion to her passion (leadership). I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Linda in co-delivering leadership programs. Through Linda’s support, guidance and understanding of how learning works, we developed a real-life, interactive and emotional leadership case study for my session. I have seen firsthand the satisfaction of the attendees and the loyalty of her partners.

Norm O’Reilly, M.B.A., Ph.D., CGA., Professor & Chair, Department of Sports Administration, College of Business, Ohio University

I have learned to become a better communicator. I now appreciate the qualities that make a great leader.

Paul Casey, G.I.S. Analyst, City of Hamilton

Linda is an interesting and passionate speaker: great interaction with the group, entertaining, very informative, and relevant to dealing with diverse personalities and lots of ideas to apply in the future.

Comments by delegates, 19th World Conference on Disaster Management

The leadership program was an immersive experience of sustained sensitization to my behavior. I have become more assertive in setting up expectations and specific outcomes and more confident in dealing with negative people. I am delegating enabling me to do less direct work freeing me up to re-invigorate our department after a negative leader of six years. I am spending more time connecting with other departmental and senior leaders promoting our department’s initiatives and needs.

Dale Askey, Director of Library and Learning Technologies, McMaster University.